The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has changed the legislative landscape dramatically in just a short time. In March alone, Congress passed three massive stimulus bills to address the economic fallout resulting from business closures due to the virus. The CARES Act, the largest spending bill in US history is a sweeping measure to boost nearly all sectors of the economy. Here BOMA offers a tax analysis of the major programs the bill funds to aid businesses both small and large, including commercial real estate. BOMA also achieved a longtime legislative victory in the CARES Act with correction for the Qualified Improvement Property (QIP) error. Fixing this error will allow landlords to reinvest money into their tenant spaces and depreciate them at 100% for the next two years.

Federal Advocacy »

BOMA Federal Advocacy

BOMA International’s federal advocacy team provides Members of Congress with insight and expertise about the issues that impact the commercial real estate industry. The scope of BOMA’s federal work primarily focuses on supporting local associations by lobbying Congress about issues related to sustainability, tax and finance, and workforce development.

State and Local Advocacy »

BOMA State and Local Advocacy

BOMA International’s advocacy team works in close coordination with BOMA’s state and local associations to protect the interests of the industry and share the latest information from across the country.

Policy Briefs Series »

BOMA International is constantly working to keep members up to date on pressing policy issues across the industry. In doing so, our advocacy department releases policy briefs, which are an excellent resource to those interested in both new and unexplored areas of policy, or old issues that are being rehashed.  

BOMA 2022 Office Market Study »

Want to know the economic contributions from the commercial real estate industry has on the U.S. and on your local association market and state? Then turn to the latest edition of BOMA’s in-depth BOMA 2022 Office Market Study.

Building Codes »

BOMA Building Codes

BOMA International continues to be a major contributor to building codes development as the only national commercial real estate association with an active building codes advocacy program. BOMA’s codes team, in partnership with state and local BOMA Codes Committees, works to ensure that the interests of commercial real estate are represented from building codes development to implementation.

Industry Defense Fund »

BOMA International's member-driven Industry Defense Fund is instrumental in giving a voice to the commercial real estate industry and helping achieve critical advocacy successes. Its purpose is to ensure that adequate funds are available at the federal, state and local levels for wide-ranging advocacy issues that impact BOMA members.


BOMA Political Action Committee

BOMAPAC is BOMA International’s political action committee. It enables BOMA International’s advocacy team to raise money to re-elect political candidates for federal office who know, understand and support policies that affect commercial real estate.

Security & Emergency Preparedness »

Building owners and managers must develop or update a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan for each building based on reasonable threat analyses to prepare for future emergencies and to provide a safe working environment for their tenants. BOMA's Preparedness Committee connects members with experts in the field to drive discussion and action before emergency situations arise.

Legislative Action Center »

Use BOMA's legislative action center to find your member of Congress and engage with them about BOMA's top priorities for the year.

The Water & Waste (W2) Challenge »

The W2 Challenge is a two-year initiative to support commercial real estate practitioners in benchmarking water and waste consumption and associated costs, and implementing best practices to improve performance.