The BOMA 360 Performance Program

What is BOMA 360?

The BOMA 360 Performance Program sets the standard worldwide for operational best practices in the commercial real estate industry. For building owners and managers who want to help their properties stand out from the crowd, there is no clearer mark of excellence than achieving the BOMA 360 designation.

Earning the prestigious BOMA 360 label demonstrates that a building is outperforming the competition across all areas of operations and management. Designees report the program helped them achieve operational efficiencies as well as higher levels of tenant satisfaction.

As the BOMA 360 program continues to expand around the globe, more and more properties are reaping the substantial benefits and significant return on investment that the designation offers, an unmistakable edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Since 2009, the BOMA 360 Performance Program has set the standard worldwide for holistic operational best practices in commercial real estate. And, over the years, earning the BOMA 360 designation has empowered countless property teams to elevate their performance, while also helping their asset become more competitive when vying for the industry’s highest recognition honoring excellence in operations and management: The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards. We’re continuing that legacy by introducing our new, updated office and industrial criteria designed to help you keep your properties on the cutting edge and get the maximum ROI from your program participation. Click here to view the revised criteria for office buildings and click here to view the newly created criteria for industrial buildings. If you have any questions or would like additional information about the BOMA 360 program, contact Hakan Ozsancak at

Now the BOMA 360 and TOBY Awards programs are together in one convenient application portal, streamlining the application process and helping you celebrate your building's accomplishments faster than ever. And with this new portal comes a new set of criteria to make sure you're putting your building's best foot forward when competing for a BOMA International TOBY Award. Together, the BOMA 360 Performance Program and the TOBY Awards are just what you need to take your building to the next level. Learn more at

Get to know BOMA 360

The BOMA 360 Performance Program, sponsored by BOMA International, evaluates buildings against industry best practices in 6 major areas of building operation:

  • Building operations and management
  • Life safety, security and risk management
  • Training and education
  • Energy
  • Environmental/sustainability
  • Tenant relations/community involvement
Individual buildings that satisfy the requirements in all 6 areas are awarded the BOMA 360 designation.

Other industry recognition programs focus on only certain areas of operation, such as energy efficiency and sustainable operations. The BOMA 360 program takes a holistic approach by evaluating all major areas of operations and management.

The BOMA 360 Performance Program is not an awards program. Every applicant is eligible for recognition as a BOMA 360 Performance Building if it meets the requirements of the program. Participants in the TOBY awards program receive points on the BOMA 360 application. TOBY participants at the regional level will be recognized as having achieved the minimum points required in as many of 6 of the 6 sections of the BOMA 360 application and regional winners will receive a discount on BOMA 360 application fees. This waiver and discount are valid up to one year after the TOBY award is earned.

BOMA 360 recipients report that the designation has been a key factor in attracting and competing for tenants; in achieving operational savings and efficiencies; in establishing new operation or management policies or procedures; and in gaining recognition from owners, tenants and the community. Independent studies conducted by Kingsley Associates reports that BOMA 360 buildings earn higher scores in nearly all tenant satisfaction categories. Furthermore, a study conducted by CoStar reports that BOMA 360 buildings have higher tenant retention rates and command higher rental rates than similar buildings without the designation.

Buildings that achieve the BOMA 360 designation will receive the following: plaque to display in the building; opportunity to purchase customized signs and banners; BOMA press release announcing the achievement; listing in a BOMA 360 directory on BOMA’s Web site; recognition at the BOMA annual conference, Winter Business Meeting and other events; and opportunity to provide case studies for inclusion in BOMA publications. In addition, you may use the BOMA 360 logo on your company’s or building’s Web site and on letterhead, business cards, and marketing and collateral materials. You will also receive a marketing tool kit with ideas and templates for announcing your building’s achievement to owners, tenants, and brokers, and for advertising your achievement in the industry and the community.

An independent council appointed by the BOMA International Chair provides oversight for the program. Membership on the council includes at least 2 representatives from BOMA 360 buildings and 2 “public” members outside of BOMA. The council develops and updates program criteria, ensuring consistency with current industry best practices, and confers the designation. Audit procedures are in place to verify assessments.

All occupied commercial and industrial buildings, including owner-occupied buildings, are eligible to participate, as long as they meet the prerequisites. The program is open to both members and non-members of BOMA; however, application fees for non-members are higher.

Thinking about applying for the BOMA 360 Designation? Start Here

Before you begin your application, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the application instructions and the six main areas of the application:

  1. Building Operations and Management
  2. Life Safety/Security/Risk Management
  3. Training and Education
  4. Energy
  5. Environmental/Sustainability
  6. Tenant Relations/ Community Involvement
Download application instructions.


The BOMA 360 Performance Program requires the following prerequisites in order to be eligible to apply for the designation:
Only occupied commercial office buildings and industrial buildings are eligible for the BOMA 360 Performance Program designation. Commercial office includes: multi-tenant office buildings; single-tenant office buildings; corporate facilities; government buildings; medical office buildings; suburban office parks; and multi-use/mixed-use buildings. Buildings must be at least 50 percent occupied or leased at the time of application.
For multi-use buildings (i.e. office/retail, office/residential, mixed-use, etc.), information should be reported only on the office portion of the building. If the building contains no occupied commercial office space as described above, or is a hotel, apartment/multi-family, or retail/shopping center it is not eligible for participation.

It's a good idea to gather the documentation you'll need to for your application before you start. This includes:

  • Your building's SOP manual
  • A sample task sheet from your preventive maintenance software
  • Your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager statement of performance that shows your building's ENERGY STAR score
  • Your building's Certificate of Insurance
Refer to the application instructions for detailed information on what documentation you'll need to provide for each section of the application.

Once you've reviewed the application instructions and gathered your documentation, you're ready to go! Simply log in or create an account at and begin your online application.

Can't finish the application in one sitting? No problem! Save your application's progress in the website and work at your own pace.

Applications are accepted daily. The designation is conferred quarterly.

Have a question about the application process? Be sure to check out the FAQ guide, or contact the BOMA 360 team at

How long does it take to complete the BOMA 360 application?

Most applicants complete the BOMA 360 application in a few hours or days if the required documentation is well organized in advance; however, it may take several days or weeks to gather the documentation needed to start the application process if a building doesn’t have centralized documentation in place.

Can I submit applications for my entire portfolio of buildings?

Yes, and BOMA encourages full portfolio participation to demonstrate your company’s commitment to management and operations best practices. Separate applications for each building are required; however, you will be eligible for a 15% portfolio discount on application fees for 10 or more buildings. Contact for further information and instructions.

For an office park or complex, is a separate application for each building required?

If the buildings in the office park or complex benchmark with ENERGY STAR as separate buildings, then they are considered separate buildings (and separate applications) for the BOMA 360 Program.

Is an ENERGY STAR® label required for the building?

No, an ENERGY STAR label is NOT required. The building is eligible as long as building data is reported annually using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager and this data is shared with BOMA International.

How do I share data with BOMA from ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager?

Sharing data with BOMA is easy. Information is included in the downloadable instructions for completing the BOMA 360 application. All data shared with BOMA is kept confidential.

Does the BOMA 360 designation require renewal?

Yes, recipients must re-apply every 3 years to maintain the designation and pay renewal fees in effect at that time. Recipients must also provide annual verification that the program prerequisites for the building continue to be met. There is no fee for this annual reporting requirement. BOMA International will contact all designees in advance of their annual report and 3-year renewal with further information and instructions.

Are the records and other information submitted with the applications protected?

Yes, all information and supporting documentation from applicants will be kept in strictest confidence. Individual building data is not shared, published, or reported in any way.

Once I submit an application for my building, can I access that information in the future?

No, once an application is completed and submitted, that information is no longer available to the applicant. BOMA International strongly encourages applicants to save copies of all information and documentation before submitting their application for future reference and renewal of applications. This is done to protect proprietary information and ensure security of information.

You can also refer to the FAQ guide for a printable list of common questions and helpful answers.

For more information about fees, visit For portfolio discounts, please contact the BOMA 360 Program Administrator at

Webinar: Bring Your Building Full Circle with BOMA 360

In this on-demand free webinar, “Bring Your Building Full Circle with BOMA 360,” discover how the BOMA 360 Performance Program can elevate your building. A panel of industry professionals will help you learn how to get started on the BOMA 360 process, discuss strategies for establishing participation across your company’s portfolio and outline the impressive return on investment that the BOMA 360 designation offers. This webinar is sponsored by Anixter.

BOMA 360 and GRESB

The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), the worldwide portfolio-level standard for environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmarking for real estate, recently recognized the BOMA 360 Performance Program® as a green certification for individual building operations. GRESB is a globally recognized, relative benchmark for assessing the sustainability performance of real estate, debt and infrastructure portfolios around the world. GRESB’s validation of the BOMA 360 building designation recognizes the program as a prestigious evaluator of sustainability and governance best practices. Achieving the BOMA 360 designation will help portfolios improve their GRESB performance in everything from standard operating procedures to tenant engagement to energy management.

Legal Notices

The BOMA 360 Performance Program of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International designates commercial buildings that satisfy criteria in certain areas of operations and management. The purpose of the designation is to promote standards of operational and management excellence in commercial properties, and to provide a valid and objective evaluation of these properties as a service to the public, namely tenants, and the industry. BOMA is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Illinois, with headquarters in Washington, DC, and which is also tax exempt under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. BOMA undertakes its activities in accordance with its nonprofit and tax exempt status and all applicable laws. The BOMA 360 Performance Program determinations are based on self-assessment information provided by applicant facilities and buildings. While there is no substantive review to verify the accuracy of all applications, BOMA reviews the applications for completeness and a certain percentage on a random basis are subject to further investigation.Therefore, BOMA makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, about the accuracy of any information provided or implied, and does not guarantee, warrant, or endorse the office or other space, functionality, safety, products, or services of any facility, building, firm, or person. Designation by BOMA indicates that a building has met the specific requirements of the designation process, but is not a guarantee of any aspect of a particular facility or building. BOMA does not assume any duty to the public with respect to any facility or building. Reliance on the designation with respect to any facility or building should be undertaken only after an independent review of all relevant factors by the tenant or any other person, firm, or organization. BOMA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, DAMAGE, INJURY, CLAIM, OR OTHERWISE, WHETHER AN ACTION IN CONTRACT OR TORT AND SHALL FURTHER NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOST PROFITS, OR DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND EXPENSES).The names and marks BUILDING OWNERS AND MANAGERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL, BOMA, and 360 PERFORMANCE are the proprietary intellectual property of BOMA and may not be used in any manner without prior written authorization from BOMA.