Foundations of Real Estate Management

High-Performance Training for High-Performance Real Estate Teams

What is Foundations?

  • A soup-to-nuts, 7-module, 30-hour, entry-level course, covering the fundamentals of commercial real estate administration, management, building systems, accounting and reporting, contract management and more.
  • Classroom instruction from seasoned professionals, reinforced by behind-the-scenes tours of outstanding buildings.
  • Live, in-person training with small class sizes to facilitate learning, discussion and team activities.
  • A complete package—instruction, peer networking, property tours and a comprehensive course manual that is easy to read and a valuable resource back on the job.

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For All Experience Levels, Foundations...

  • Reinforces on-the-job training for junior and assistant property managers.
  • Provides “feet on the ground” experience and exposure for administrative assistants and students considering a career in commercial real estate.
  • Offers a great refresher for experienced professionals—fills training gaps and provides important management and operations updates.
  • Supports suppliers and building engineers who benefit from understanding the basics of real estate management.

Foundations—The Right Choice for Your Real Estate Team...

  • Eases the training burden by supplementing on-the-job and corporate training programs.
  • Offers the highest caliber training, covering everything from A to Z.
  • Prepares new and rising talent for more PM responsibilities an assignments.
  • Teaches employees best practices from experienced, seasoned professionals.
  • Delivers a curriculum that is regularly updated, ensuring the latest, most accurate information.
  • Minimizes time out of the office with convenient scheduling over several days or weeks.
  • Is offered locally through your local BOMA associations.

Registration, Dates and Cost:

  • Courses are currently only offered by BOMA local associations as classroom-based learning.
  • Modules may be offered once a week for 5 weeks or differently if deemed appropriate by the local association host.
  • Each BOMA local association determines the cost of the program.
  • Registration can only be done through the individual local associations listed on the Foundations Course Schedule page.
  • After successful completion of your Foundations course through a BOMA Local, sign up for a BOMI certificate (PAC, PMFP, FMC, BEC, and SMC) and have your enrollment fee waived! It’s easy:
    • Complete your Foundations course through a BOMA Local
    • Choose a course and BOMI certificate offered by your BOMA Local
    • Submit your Foundations certificate and course selection to your BOMA Local, and the BOMI enrollment fee will be waived!
  • Please contact your local BOMA Association for area-specific details. Find a class scheduled near you!

Foundations Questions?


Foundations of Real Estate Management has been developed from BOMA/Atlanta’s successful education program Property Management 101.

What Students Are Saying...

“This class was a real treat for me! The material was so well taught, and all of the experience and knowledge that our instructor, and my classmates, brought to the table is something I'll keep with me forever. I could have been happy attending this class once a week for my entire career! I will definitely recommend it to anyone I possibly can.”
-Monica Madden, Property Manager, Axent Realty Group

“I enjoyed the class very much and thought our instructor did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend this class to others in my company. The networking opportunities that came from attending the class have already paid dividends, and I plan on using them more in the future.”
-Peter C. Wallace, B. F. Saul Property Company