CRE Industry Preparedness Resources

BOMA International has developed several resources to aid our members in developing and updating their emergency preparedness plans. Our most current guidance documents can be found here.

  • BOMA's Pandemic Guide

    BOMA International’s Managing Through Pandemics: Preparing Your Buildings, Tenants and Staff is a guidebook covering every aspect of managing a commercial building through a global health crisis.

  • BOMA's Civil Unrest Guide

    BOMA International’s Civil Unrest and the 2020 Election Season gives you the tools you need to make preparations and minimize potential disruptions related to the 2020 election.

  • BOMA's Emergency Preparedness Guidebook

    BOMA International’s Emergency Preparedness Guidebook: The Property Professional’s Resource for Developing Emergency Plans for Natural and Human-Based Threats is the industry’s most up-to-date guide to help property professionals prepare for and respond to a broad range of potential threats. The guidebook walks the user step-by-step through the four phases of emergency management--mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery—to help ensure tenant safety and building security during emergency situations.

  • Webinar: In Case of Emergency: The Future of Emergency Preparedness

    In today’s uncertain world, many property professionals are wondering how best to plan for all manner of emergency situations. This webinar delivers essential tips for your team or organization to prepare for and respond to a potential event—and bring your building back online as soon as possible.