How to Get Involved with a Codes Committee

BOMA International’s Building Codes Committee plays a crucial role in developing current building codes, as well as helping shape their implementation. BOMA members can also join state and local BOMA Codes Committees to get involved in their areas.

Reasons to Actively Engage in Building Codes Advocacy: Local Codes and Voluntary Standards Committees (CVSC):

  1. The potential benefits to the commercial real estate community far outweigh the costs. Each cycle, there are hundreds of code changes submitted, and BOMA helps the commercial real estate industry avoid unnecessary costs by defeating overly burdensome codes proposals.
  2. Voting protocol at the International Code Council (ICC) has changed. Because voting members are now able to vote remotely, we need BOMA’s grassroots to educate this community on BOMA’s priorities and positions.
  3. BOMA is the only commercial real estate association with an active and robust codes advocacy program. If we don’t do it, who will?
  4. State and local adoptions allow for local and regional BOMA input and advocacy.
  5. CVSC’s at the local level can provide feedback, local issues and codes related activities to the BOMA International’s Building Codes Committee so that trends can be monitored and action can be taken nationally.

Setting up a Local Codes Committee