The Outstanding Building of the Year Awards

2018 TOBY Awards

BOMA International's 2018 TOBY cycle is now closed. Please check with your BOMA local association and/or region for information on how to begin the process for 2019 or click here to register your building. Competitions begin at the local level, so please contact your BOMA local association for their schedule and requirements.

The Toby Awards Program and Banquet is proudly sponsored by the Home Depot.

Are you a regional TOBY winner? If so, then you're eligible for a discount on you BOMA 360 application!

The BOMA 360 Council voted in August of 2016 to change the BOMA 360 program criteria to recognize all TOBY participants at the regional level as having achieved the minimum required points in all six sections of the BOMA 360 application –the prerequisites section is still a requirement.

Regional TOBY winners will receive $300 off of their BOMA 360 application.

Regional TOBY Portfolio category participants will receive credit for Sections 1- 6. Earth category participants will receive credit for Sections 1-5 in the BOMA 360 application.
By receiving credit, we mean that you will not have to complete these sections and will automatically get the minimum required points for those sections. All applicants are still required to demonstrate fulfillment of the BOMA 360 prerequisites and pay the associated application submission fees.

Upon the renewal of your BOMA 360 designation in another three years, you will be required to re-submit your application (this time completing it in full –unless participating in the most recent regional TOBY competition) and pay the full application fee.
When you start your application, you will be prompted to identify yourself as either a Regional TOBY Portfolio or Earth category participant to initiate the section waivers. You will have until June 1 of the year following the year of your award to claim the discount and other benefits.
You can learn more about the BOMA 360 designation requirements here.