Industry Defense Fund

BOMA International's member-driven Industry Defense Fund is instrumental in giving a voice to the commercial real estate industry helping achieve critical advocacy successes.  Its purpose is to ensure that adequate funds are available at the federal, state and local levels for wide-ranging advocacy issues that may impact BOMA members.  The IDF is administered by an oversight committee, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.



BOMA’s Industry Defense Fund (IDF) has approved an application from BOMA/Denver Metro to support a campaign opposing Denver’s “Right to Survive” ballot initiative. The measure would allow any person to occupy an outdoor public space for any amount of time. While homelessness is a serious problem, this initiative does not attempt to combat homelessness and presents increasing health and safety concerns for the Denver community. Local homeless service providers, such as Denver Rescue Mission, are opposing this initiative as well, due to concerns that it would hinder existing programs that are committed to helping people overcome homelessness and poverty. For more information on the opposition campaign, please visit



Ken Rosenfeld
Director of State and Local Affairs

Maria Balzer-Pisciotta
Manager, State and Local Affairs