MOB Conference Tracks Industry Challenges and Growth

May 6, 2019 | By John B. Mugford

From the opioid epidemic to the flood of capital flowing into the sector, this year’s BOMA International Medical Office Buildings + Healthcare Real Estate Conference in Minneapolis was a true snapshot of the growing importance of medical office buildings (MOBs) in the delivery of care. A near-record crowd of more than 1,300 professionals attended the three-day event to hear topics ranging from the current disruptive forces impacting healthcare building design to strategies for recruiting physicians to fill MOBs and how to manage healthcare facilities during ownership changes.

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The Baby Boomer Effect on Healthcare Facilities

September 9 , 2018 | By John B. Mugford

While much of the healthcare industry is focused on appealing to a younger population with higher-tech facilities, telemedicine and various healthcare apps, baby boomers are entering retirement age en masse, heralding the oncoming flood of older patients with unique needs.

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A Healthy Dose of Customer Service

May 6, 2018 | By Jessica Bates and John B. Mugford

Medical office buildings (MOBs), hospitals and other healthcare facilities are on the leading edge of embracing wellness trends in the built environment. This may be because many visitors to healthcare facilities already are under some stress, whether they are ill or simply nervous about an annual check-up. A calming environment that boosts their mood can make it easier for them to visit their healthcare providers, which can have no small impact on their health. As a result, in healthcare real estate, "wellness" often is synonymous with great customer service.

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Conference Attendees Explore What’s Next in Healthcare Real Estate

May 12, 2019 | By BOMA International

More than 1,300 healthcare real estate professionals gathered in Minneapolis on May 1-3 for BOMA International’s 2019 Medical Office Buildings + Healthcare Real Estate Conference. The conference featured more than 20 education sessions covering a wide range of issues with an overarching view of the disruptive forces rapidly changing healthcare delivery and affecting real estate strategy.

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2018 BOMA Healthcare Real Estate Conference Tackles Technology, Role of Third-Party Firms

May 7, 2018 | By John B. Mugford

Just by looking around, anyone in attendance at BOMA International’s 2018 Medical Office Buildings + Healthcare Real Estate Conference in Houston could see this is an exciting and quickly evolving time for healthcare real estate. The conference center at the Marriott Marquis Houston was bustling with people, including both veterans of the healthcare real estate sector and newcomers. In all, a record-setting 1,315 professionals attended the conference this past May.

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Westside Medical Arts Center Operates with Surgical Precision

February 16, 2017 | By Jessica Bates

Visible signage, well-lit spaces, walkable corridors, knowledgeable staff—these are features a typical office building worker may take for granted when they come to work each day. For a visitor to a medical office building, however, these things can make an enormous difference.

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