Floor Standards Education

BOMA International offers a variety of education opportunities addressing its floor measurement standards.

BOMA 2017 for Office Buildings
Download these on-demand webinars to learn more about the 2017 Office Standard

BOMA 2017 for Office Buildings Seminar
As office buildings continue to evolve with complex architectural designs along with the growing tenant demands for amenity-rich building features, the BOMA 2017 Office Standard addresses the changing office building landscape. This 3-hour course focuses on what property managers and brokers need to know about floor measurements and how accurate measurements increase asset value. Click here for an overview and information on hosting the seminar. This course is eligible for three American Institute of Architects (AIA) Learning Units.

BOMA 2018 for Gross Areas
This on-demand webinar highlights the updates made to the original 2009 Gross Areas Standard, including the introduction of Gross Area 1 (Leasing Method), Gross Area 2 (International Comparison Method), Gross Area 3 (Volumetric Method) and Gross Area 4 (Construction Method), which replace “Exterior Gross Area (EGA)” and Construction Gross Area (CGA). Download the on-demand webinar BOMA 2018 for Gross Areas: Standard Methods of Measurement: What’s New.