International Affiliates

BOMA International has affiliations with 18 real estate organizations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico (2), New Zealand, Panama, the Philippines (2), Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. For a list of affiliated organizations click here.

The International Council is comprised of the real estate associations from around the world that have affiliated with BOMA International. Its mission is to advance global cooperation within the world community of commercial real estate by creating a more informed marketplace. To achieve this goal the International Council provides opportunities for high-level networking to exchange information, best practices, research, standards, education and training, public policy strategies and to facilitate business opportunities among member, including at the BOMA International Annual Conference and Expo.

2020 State of the Industry Address (July 7, 2020)

2019 Conference Highlights

The BOMA International 2019 Annual Conference and Expo welcomed attendees from 15 countries to the 3-day event, including 16 delegates from BOMA China and 21 delegates from Japan BOMA. The Expo featured exhibitors from Canada, China, Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore, in addition to the U.S.-based companies. VIP conference activities for the international affiliates included an exclusive property tour of The Gateway, a former shopping center repurposed into creative office space, a two-day workshop with special presentations from conference speakers and guests on a range of topics, and a dinner at the historic Peery Hotel, which was recently purchased by BOMA International Chair Brian Cappelli’s company, GBX, who shared his firm’s strategy for renovating and repurposes landmark properties.

Conference Presentations

Sunday Affiliates Breakfast
BOMA in a World of Change and Opportunity: Driving Asset Value Through Innovation

Sunday Board of Governors Presentation
International Council Report

Monday Workshop Presentations
Cybersecurity Attack: A First-Person Account
2019 Cyber Wellness Guide
The Changing Dynamics of Tenant Engagement: How to Connect with Commercial Office Occupants
Six Steps to Achieve Net-Zero Energy Buildings Over Time
Shanghai Tower: Soaring to New Heights with Exceptional Community and Tenant Relations, Environmental Stewardship and Employee Development

Tuesday Workshop Presentations
The “S” in ESG—Social Equity in Real Estate
Using the Lease to Drive Clean Energy Innovation, Health & Wellness, and Better Tenant Engagement
Tenant Experience Hot Takes

Conference Dailies

Conference Photos